Why Buy The Best?

You are no doubt bewildered by the plethora of suppliers and models and opinions about what size whole house fan you should buy.

QuietCool has more models than any other, with no clear reason why. Tamarack has the fewest to choose from but they have the cold weather R50 damper.
Airscape has many models and the most speeds to select – 10 on most models.
QuietCool also has the highest CFM you can find, 7000, but at the cost of power – it takes 700 watts or more.

Bigger is better – Here is why – If you have a 2000 square foot home with 8 foot ceilings it contains 16,000 cubic feet. If you choose a 3000 CFM model because the price is low and if you do not watch the input power in watts, you will likely pay more in electric power use over the 10-15 years you have it than if you purchase a fan with higher flow and lower power.

The best example is the Thorwaldson ES-6400. It pulls all that air with just 505 watts. AND, unlike all other suppliers, it can be run at just 10% of the rated speed and CFM and it pulls just 50 watts doing that. So you can run it longer, cool your home better and pay lower bills for power.

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