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As of 2-14-18 below you will find all  the United States sources and all the Australian sources arranged in order of the highest performance fan each has.  Thorwaldson is the leader with the highest performance attic mount plus the first high performance rooftop.






In keeping with the goal of this page here are all the other suppliers. I am not going to add links to their sites since they are easy to find.

Air Vent
Triangle Engineering
And in Australia

Below was posted January 9, 2017 – A new source has emerged –  VentCool by Field Controls.

In 2017 Invisco got several new orders from Australia and opened a new web site

CentricAir started about 2011 in Orange County CA the company has 5 models ranging from 1242 CFM to 3981.

In 2017 Invisco invented the first high performance roof mounted whole house fan , the ER-8000, for homes without attics.

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