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January 9, 2017 update – A new source has emerged –¬†¬†VentCool by Field Controls. Invisco has gathered several new orders from Australia and opened a new web site

It has come to my attention that I have not discussed CentricAir before. Started about 2011 in Orange County CA the company has 5 models ranging from 1242 CFM to 3981. You will see more in this site.

The most interesting new development in the whole house fan business is that Invisco has landed the company’s first order in Australia. The customer is a licensed contractor and he has offered to be the first Invisco dealer and installer in Australia.

To best serve the Australian market Invisco offers a 500 mm fan with air flow performance at 10,200 M3/H and available with either a PSC motor or an EC motor both with infinitely variable speed motors.

The second interesting development is that Invisco is announcing roof mounted whole house fans to the US ¬† from 2700 CFM up to 4,750 CFM. These are ideal for homeowners who don’t have the space in their attic for rafter mounted fans.

Last year I started with links to the top 4 sources for rafter mounted fans but now I am adding CentricAir:






In keeping with the goal of this page here are all the other suppliers. I am not going to add links to their sites since they are easy to find.

Air Vent
Triangle Engineering
And in Australia

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