Roof Mount

If you have a mid century modern home like one designed by Eichler or “Flat Roof” Smith or many others, or if you have a home in New Mexico with no attic, you can now get a high performance roof mounted whole house fan from Thorwaldson Whole House Fans.

The new ER8000 rooftop mounted whole house fan offers a whopping 8,000 CFM. That means that if your home is 2000 square feet with 8 foot high ceilings or 16,000 cubic feet, this ER-8000 will move all the air in 2 minutes.

Based on the new  Tornado turbine ventilator, the ER8000  combines the proven FAMCO gravity damper with a powerful 1/2 HP US Motors EC motor and an 8 bladed propeller to give you unparalleled air flow at just 505 watts!

Another nice feature is that you can get a chimney look for around the top that is higher than your roof and a cabinet to hide the part of the fan that is under your ceiling.

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