QuietCool VS CA Energy

In 2018 QuietCool announced a new line of whole house fans. The top performer is the ES-7000, said to pull 6,878 CFM at 727 watts. However, that number is in error according to the California Energy Commission. The CEC put out a mandate in late 2017 that caused all the suppliers in the US to report their true HVI-916 test results. All suppliers are now doing this but QuietCool is the only supplier to continue to publish a higher value with the reason stated that “Listed airflow specs are tested via a device that is calibrated to NIST standards.”

When one looks into the NIST standards it is found to be “https://www.nist.gov/calibrations” NIST says “The calibration services of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) are designed to help the makers and users of precision instruments achieve the highest possible levels of measurement quality and productivity.” The primary purpose of NIST in the field of flow of air is stated on their web site thus: “NIST provides calibration services for gas flow meters “

Given the above, it is certainly possible that whatever device might have been used for the test by QuietCool the device could have been calibrated to NIST standards. But that has no bearing on the reality that the test using this NIST calbrated device was not used in accordance with the specification HVI-916. The conclusion here is that the test procedure and test setup was not done to HVI-916 and, therefore, has no validity.

The second controversial action taken by QuietCool was to create a model number that is higher than the measured CFM. While this is common in this industry, it has the effect of presenting QuietCool as the leader once again in the whole house fan space. Specifically, QuietCool was the leader in about 2015 with their ES-6400, a model that they created using 2 fans doing 3200 CFM each. Any competitor could have combined two of the smaller fans to do the same thing. None did.

I hear that Thorwaldson is working on a new design with a true 7000 CFM in a 20 inch shell. If you want to hear about it when it arrives, email 7000@wholehousefanguy.com

Posted 10-20-18 Revised 4-3-19