You will need to know the spacing between your ceiling joists whether you do the installation or you hire an installer.

Most homes built before the 50s have 16 inch on center joists. Most homes built after that are on 24 inch centers.

Some suppliers have tailored their systems to fit 16 inch on center. Quiet Cool is one. Others, like Invisco, offer instructions on how to adapt larger dampers to fit over narrow joist spacing. Adapting them is easy – you just install a few pieces of wood to create an air tight box.

If you decide to install the hall ceiling mounted big systems you might be told you need to cut the joists. That was common years ago but today you can mount the big frame on top of the joists and buy shutters that are made specifically to fit between 16 and 24 inch on center joists. No cutting is needed for any whole house fan system on market.

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