My Attic Remodel

In August of 2012 I started a project to make my attic into a showcase for the best temperature reducing technologies I could find.

Here it is May 2013 and I have made some progress. I did about 1/4 of my roof on the sunrise side but need to do the west facing side.  Plan to finish radiant barrier on the west facing side. I have a vaulted ceiling over my master bedroom so the access over it is tough. I plan to insert the radiant barrier attached to large plywood sheets to make it easier to position it between the subroof and the bedroom ceiling. I will let you know how that works.

If you would like a blow by blow update on it, send me an email

The rest of this is dated last year.

I decided to instrument my progress so I bought 6 temperature recorders called “LogTags”. I put them all over the place and then started installing radiant barrier. You can see the temperatures on this page.

I started with investigation into silver foil radiant barrier. I purchased 1000 square feet to install as a test. So far I have put  in about 400 square feet and it is starting to make a difference. Kevin Page (Fan Installer) is helping me.

The plan is to install radiant barrier over the underside of the  entire west facing roof. The temperature of that underside reached 126 degrees on August 18 and 19, 2012.

Then I will install the new Invisco Model IN10600 – the ultra quiet 36 inch belt drive fan that hangs from the rafters and pulls air from 4 rooms. This will be the first installation of any Invisco Ultimate Cooling Machine. This huge fan will pull the air through 4 big 18 inch ducts, dampers, frames and grilles.

I measured the sound made by the 10600 at about 66 dB which is about 6 sones and that is the level we have when talking around the table. Now, note that this is the sound standing right at the fan. Once it is high in my attic it is likely I will not be able to hear it.

Invisco tells me that they are installing their first IN5600 in a home in Temecula’s famous wine country. It will pull air from 3 rooms in that home each through 14 inch duct, dampers, frames and grilles.

Invisco installed the first HERO program whole house fan in Temecula through Bob Wells of Wells Plumbing. It is a 30 inch belt driven fan pulling air from 4 rooms through 14 inch ducts.

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