7-7-20 QuietCool has once again revised their very attractive web site and is, once again, offering exaggerated performance claims. As an example, their web site shows this performance for their Energy Saver ES-7000 –  6,878 CFM – on their main page, but when you scroll down to the specifications you see “HVI 916 CFM Hi: 5,170” 

December 12, 2019 Dane Stevenson from QuietCool called me to say it is unfair for me to say that QuietCool wrongly publishes higher performance figures along with their HVI-916 performance results when other suppliers of whole house fans do the same. He pointed to Triangle Engineering as an example. I did some research and he is absolutely correct. Triangle shows their model CC3623 rated at 10,600 CFM when the HVI-916 tests show just 5163. So I have stopped asking him to publish only the true HVI-916 results in his data sheets. 

October 22, 2018  Updating details on the QuietCool performance issue. It has been found that there are 11 online retailers that are posting the inflated air flow specs put out by QuietCool. Each site has a headline “QuietCool ES-7000 Whole House Fan 6,787 CFM”‘ (The air flow is 5,170 CFM when properly tested.)

They are,,,,,, and

September 10, 2018 Updating whole house fans in America. It just surfaced that a new line of whole house fans is being supplied by the famous Solatube company. They have 4 models, 1500, 3000, 4500 and 6000. However, they do not comply with what is now an industry standard – specifying the performance as measured to the HVI-916 test specification that all other suppliers post.

August 16, 2018 Updating the data on whole house fan suppliers. QuietCool has announced a new lineup of fans. In fact their ES-7000 sets a new record for two reasons – one, the 6878 CFM is the highest CFM of all suppliers (but is a bogus claim) and the price is the lowest price per CFM – 27 cents for 5,170 CFM. But they need a 24 inch blade to do this and the input power is over 700 watts. QuietCool is the only supplier out there that is still showing misleading air flow specifications. They say the 7000 pulls 6878 CFM based on a test using “Listed airflow specs are tested via a device that is calibrated to NIST standards.” But NIST does not have standards like HVI-916 so the airflow shown is totally misleading.

Thorwaldson still leads the industry with a 20 inch blade pulling 6,320 CFM at just 505 watts. Price is the second lowest at 28 cents per CFM.

July 26, 2018

As an example of the amount of time I spend on my web sites take a look at – I modified it entirely in early 2018 to create a serious solar power site. It has data on solar panels, batteries, on grid and off grid solar and even a description of the solar powered electric motor home I invented in 2016. Now, I must say that electric motor homes have been around longer than that, but my design is unique – I plan to use a custom speed control for a huge 300 horsepower electric motor and I have designed a very  complicated mechanism that will hold solar panels over the roof in two positions – one is folded over on each other for transport and the other is unfolded so that all the panels are pointed at the sun. The mechanism not only has motors for unfolding panels, it has a platform that can be tilted to improve the sun’s position for maximum exposure. You can see the drawing here –