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2021 News – We Survived 2020!

April 8 2021

Wow 2020 was a challenge! Did you make it through without getting covid? I did not, Darlene and I got it for Christmas. She lost taste and smell and has not recovered those. I got delirious and spent New Years eve in Temecula Valley Hospital on saline IV. 

But the best new is that at age 76 I beat it! 

Now for this new year. I will be posting changes such as VentCool now offering only 2 and 3 speeds. More soon. 

July 7, 2020

Airscape is taking the industry lead with designs that are the best in history. Proof of that is in examination of the quality of materials and workmanship in every fan they build. More proof is in the fact that today many other major whole house fan suppliers are rebranding the Airscape designs for sale. Tamarack and VentCool are two examples. On top of that Thorwaldson is now a dealer for Airscape in Southern California. This gives Thorwaldson the ability to offer the best airflow along with Tamarack. 

Thorwaldson is the only source for infinitely variable speed fans and the only source for high performance rooftop whole house fans for homes with no attic. 

QuietCool has added a new rooftop line but their rooftop uses the old style rain hat that seriously inhibits air flow. The result is that their new Rooftop Mount RM WHF-4.0-DG2 has a motor head diameter of 24.75 inches and pulls just 2,370 CFM at 377 watts. QuietCool continues to offer more models than any other source except Tamarack. They have 2 basic motor offerings, PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) and ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor). They use the PSC motors in their lowest cost “Classic” line and their dealer exclusive “Trident PRO” line. They use the EC motors in their “Energy Saver” line and their top of the line dealer exclusive “Stealth PRO” line. Their web site says the Classic line takes 117 watts to 1,147 watts depending on model and pulls 1,472 CFM to 6,924 CFM depending on the model. This is an example of the misleading information that QC is notorious for. The CFM of the best Classic fan as tested by the test procedure required by the State of California (HVI-916) is really just 5300. 

But what QuietCool is NOT doing is to control all the dealers and stores and installers that sell their fans and that DO NOT put the entire QC performance specifications on THEIR sites. A perfect example is this one on June 19, 2020 –   Their logo is 

They have offices in Southern California, Sacramento, and the Bay Area so they are serving ONLY California and they are blatantly ignoring the CA Energy Commission rules. The CEC fined SolaTube $55,000 for doing the same thing. You would think the QCGuys would not want to risk a fine like that. 

Solatube has emerged as another viable source for whole house fans in just the last few years. They are proud to offer their “Innovative HushMount™ technology for near-silent operation” – which is simply a bracket that holds the fan up on a ceiling joist. Why they use the ceiling when everyone else uses a rafter is not at all clear. And their fans are smaller than any other source – they make 2 models – the larger of which is an 18 inch fan that pulls just 2134 CFM. 

But Solatube has run afoul of the State of California just like QuietCool. 

Below is the only rooftop  mounted whole house fan 

Thorwaldson   7000 CFM

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